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General Sessions

Keynote Speaker: Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II
Discussion of Michigan's leadership in cybersecurity.

Panel Discussion: The Role of Congress in Cybersecurity
A discussion between Members of Congress on the work being done to better secure the country, the states, and local governments.

Election Security and the Role of Cybersecurity
Listen to Michigan’s Director of the Bureau of Elections discuss the cybersecurity challenges in the upcoming elections and the work being done to combat them.

Panel Discussion: Gold Sponsor Panel
Discussion of the similarities and differences in the threats that face the public and private sectors and the approaches being taken to respond to them.

Keynote Presentation
Bradford J. Willke, Assistant Director (Acting), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Keynote Speaker: Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Discussion of how Michigan is investing in secure technologies and solutions for its citizens.

Recognition & Rewards Presented by Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Panel Discussion: Increasing Diversity in IT & Cybersecurity
Discussion of the challenges in enhancing the diversity of the cybersecurity workforce, possible solutions, and the experiences of those who have done it.

Small Business and Cybersecurity
Discussion of the cybersecurity issues facing small businesses and the steps they are taking to protect themselves. (Small Business Association of Michigan)

Panel Discussion: CIO Roundtable
Discussion between state CIOs regarding the challenges states face and how they have adapted to changing circumstances. 

Breakout Sessions 

Internet of Things Security Regulation: Is an Emerging Patchwork Going to Improve Cybersecurity?
Discussion of the potential threats of IoT devices and whether the current piecemeal approach to regulating them is sufficient to secure them.


Security Leadership Priorities After the Pandemic
A discussion regarding the changes in information and cybersecurity threats related to the ongoing pandemic and how security leaders are adapting to the situation.

State & Local Cybersecurity Funding
Discussion of the current state of federal funding for state and local cybersecurity, including current legislation, grant programs, and fund matching.

Cyber Threat Trends
Discussion of underlying security metrics and the emergence of new threats, trends, and the continuous evolution of known dangers.


Silver Sponsor Panel Discussion
Discussion of how changes in technology are resulting in changes in security, and what further developments may come in the future.

Defaced! Assessing the Threat of Web Defacements Against Gov’t, Military, and Civilian Websites Across the United States from 2012 to 2017
Presentation detailing analyses of over 2.2 million defacements performed against US IP addresses between 2012 and 2017 to address these issues in depth.

Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Talent
Discussion of ways to build future cyber talent by shaping k-12 curriculum, involving students in competitions, and leveraging apprenticeships.



The Future of Mobile Technology and Security for the Digital Citizen
Discussion of the importance of securing mobile devices, why it is critical for governments to protect citizens, and how it’s done while maintaining privacy.

Securing and Protecting Schools
This panel of experts will discuss different strategies being taken to promote a safe online learning environment for students.

Cybersecurity Talent Needs & Initiatives - Panel Discussion
Michigan’s Labor Economic Opportunity-Workforce Development partnered with the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan to highlight workforce resources at multiple seminars in 2020.


Cloud Security
Discussion of cloud innovation, including securing cloud environments, current trends in cloud adoption, and use cases, such as elections, for secure use.

Civilians Protecting States
Discussion of how states have begun to leverage private sector professionals to help defend their systems and information.