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The Girls in Engineering Academy

We strive to narrow gender and minority gaps in engineering fields and to cultivate a robust STEM pipeline in Michigan.

Through hands-on and project based learning experiences, our middle school and high school students are empowered to leverage STEM for personal and societal transformation.



2023 Cohort, USACE



2018 Cohort, Ecology at Beaver Island

2020 Cohort, Ford Truck Plant

  • Increase, encourage, promote, and prepare underrepresented minority girls to pursue and actively engage in STEM educational programs.
  • Prepare students academically for their high school and post-secondary educational experiences. 
  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum experience that provides a student-centered, hands-on, project-based learning in STEM. 
  • Establish student mentoring groups that provide guidance, advising, and inspiration toward continuing STEM pursuits into the post-secondary transition to college that relates to the automotive industry. 
  • Build the future Michigan STEM pipeline.

“GEA has allowed me to make friends and help academically. I learned how to dissect a frog and use JAVA. I don’t think I would have done these things at my age without GEA… The best part of GEA was going on different field trips learning what different engineers do. I also liked being able to live on a college campus… I realized that college could be fun! I can’t wait to study engineer”

Maliah Z, GEA Student

“GEA is very important to me because the program continues to educate and expose young girls, like me, into areas of engineering and opportunities, that I once thought was specifically for boys. Engineers cover a wide range of careers and because of GEA, I found myself becoming more excited about improving core subjects of academics, like math and science. I discovered by being associated with ESD/GEA that I could accomplish just as much, as a young female, as my male classmates can.” 

Fyla E, GEA Student

“I want to share how much this program has impacted my daughter Niara’s learning. She is in Academic Games, and her instructor has said she’s the best in the program. Last year she won the best participant award. Last year she was on honor roll the entire year, and this year not only is she on honor roll but she’s maintaining a 4.0. Huge thank you to you and your staff for all that you do!”

Yahasha Colbert, GEA parent